Book Review: Love Does

DISCOVER A SECRETLY INCREDIBLE LIFE IN AN ORDINARY WORLD BY BOB GOFF My beautiful cousin Hilary sent me the book Love Does. To be honest, I do not know when she sent it. I put it on my bookshelf and […]

Book Review: “The Blessed Life”

Unlocking the rewards of generous living BY robert morris I read this book at the beginning of quarantine last year. The concepts and values that I learned have stayed with me. So much so, I decided to finally write about it. […]

What I ate on The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is extremely rejuvenating. It gives me the opportunity to connect with God and to also be mindful what I consume for my mind, body, and spirit. I will be writing another blog post about what specifically came […]

My Morning Routine

Through many trials and tribulations I’ve realized that for me to be spiritually fit and ready to take on the day, I have to have a morning routine. Days can be unpredictable and challenging. When I spend time in the […]

Book Review: “The Gifts of Imperfection”

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. By Brené Brown I recently read this lovely gem of a book, by the lovely gem of a human, Brené Brown. It […]

My Veneers Journey

I highly respect and admire transparency in others, so I try to be transparent as well. Why not, right? My experiences can only help others and this isn’t something I’m ashamed of, nor should I be. Before veneers, I was extremely […]

How I Stayed in Shape During Quarantine

YouTube is the home of (brb googling) “5+ billion videos!!” That’s a lot of videos. At the beginning of the quarantine, I didn’t do any exercise, besides lifting food to my mouth. Does that count? I think I was just […]

vegan recipes 🌱

Yummy Pasta in Vegan Alfredo Sauce! Ⓥ

Each time I make this recipe my belly is super happy. This Vegan Alfredo Sauce is packed with flavor and not the heaviness that is often accompanied with Alfredo Sauce. A bonus is the heavenly aroma that permeates the air. When I tell someone that I’m vegan they often reply, “wow, what do you eat?.. […]

Semi-Homemade Udon Noodle Veggie Soup Ⓥ

Test Testing for Edit. Ideally, it would be great to cook fresh homemade meals every night of the week, but that’s not realistic. At least not for me. And all of those food subscription boxes look delicious, but after I put them in the cart they never leave the checkout page as they always end up […]

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