“The Neighbor’s Garden”



Vines and shrubs

Summer sun

Tucking away

Behind the trees

Slight crisp breeze

I am in awe

Of your beautifully crafted garden

Strategically planted

Enthusiastically nurtured

Me eyes follow the fences

To where they meet

My sight widens

To all of our neighbors gardens

Transporting me to Europe

Italy to be exact

Sometimes for a second

Other moments linger

I familiarize my feelings

From when I visited Italy

Many years ago

Oh how I wish I could be there again

But i’m not

I am here

In New Jersey

Admiring your beautiful garden

And where our backyards touch

For today, that must be enough.

Thank you so much.


“The day my life stood still.” — Raffaela Loria

Poems of a daughter’s journey through her mother’s battle with cancer.

I. Shocked
“It’s cancer”
The doctor says
Shocked my mom’s face
Flash flood of tears to my eyes
Such a surprise
Telling the rest of the fam
Heart breaks over & over again.

II. The day after
Is this real life?
Or a dream?
This can’t be happening
Feels so surreal
In and out of reality
Uncontrollable crying
Incapable of comprehending.

III. Powerless
It didn’t take me long
To realize I have no control
I have to let it go
Or the cancer will consume my heart
And for that I’ll play no part
Giving it to God
For He shall provide.

IV. People
Siblings; joining forces
Friends; reaching out
Family; indestructible
Kind nurses, smart doctors
Love, support, prayers
A powerful combination
Life is impossible by ourselves.

V. My Mother; The Lioness
She won’t go down without a fight
One of the most ferocious
A true warrior of the night
Kind, loving, & a listener to all
But mess with her cubs, you’ll get the claw
Cancer beware, you won’t be here long
Mom, never forget, the rest of the pack has your back.

VI. Chemo
Good days
Bad days
And all in between
The chemo is working
From what we have seen
Nausea however upsets her the most
New medicine she’s trying, hope it’s a better dose.

VII. Violent Vixen
Few rounds of chemo down
Brunette hair still holding strongly onto the root
Just like her Faith
Tonight my sister & I colored it violet vixen
We cranked the music up
Danced while we brushed on the color
Laughed the night away because we were all together.

VIII. Results (2nd Pet Scan 11.25.16)
Anxious chatter
Hard to breathe
First Doctor comes in
Blood count good
Some other stats
Doctor left
Main Doctor comes in…
“Significant improvement..
… Best you can be!”
Deep breathe out
Tears of Joy
Down my face
Took another breathe
Looked around
We could have collected
A puddle
In the middle of the room
From all the streams from our happy, tearful eyes.

Still have a fight to go..
To be continued..

“Shakespeare’s Garden”

It’s 2016

Central Park

New York City

Sunny Summer Day

Gentle Breeze


Shakespeare’s Garden

Shades of green surround me

Sun rays peeking through the trees

Pink flowers line the wooden fence

Behind the large, deep rooted tree

Laid back and glanced up to thee

My eyes take in the beautiful sight

My ears take in the surrounding sounds



People talking

Birds chirping


A man playing violin was carried by the wind

It peacefully fills my ears and spirit

I gently close my eyes

When I open them for a brief moment

It feels like I could be in a different time

En route to Shakespeare’s Garden
“Bended Beauty”
Shakespeare’s Garden
Belvedere Castle
Sunsetting by Belvedere Castle

Here is some extra information on Shakespeare’s Garden just in case you were interested..

I also read somewhere that Shakespeare himself possibly planted a tree here once back in the day.

“Shakespeare Garden is a four-acre landscape named for the famed English poet and playwright. The garden features flowers and plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s poems and plays and is designed to resemble the Bard’s native English countryside. The garden’s diverse array of plants, including columbine, primrose, wormwood, quince, lark’s heel, rue, eglantine, flax and cowslip, are accompanied by small plaques featuring quotes from Shakespearean works that reference the garden’s flowers.

The garden was created in 1913 by Dr. Edmond Bronk Southwick, who was both the Parks Department entomologist and a devoted reader of Shakespeare, at the request of Parks Commissioner Charles Stover. In cooperation with the Board of Education, Southwick carefully plotted the bulbs and seeds that would bring the garden to life. In 1916, the garden was officially renamed Shakespeare Garden and dedicated to the memory of William Shakespeare on the tricentennial of his death. In its early years, the Garden was maintained by Dr. Southwick and the Shakespeare Society.

However, after the Society disbanded in 1929, the garden began to cycle through periods of decline- much like the rest of Central Park. By the 1970s, the garden was completely overgrown, contained very little horticultural diversity, and lacked the inspiration and beauty of its earlier years. Thankfully, community volunteers began to clean up the garden in 1975, and the then nascent Central Park Conservancy oversaw a complete restoration of the Garden in 1987. The restoration included replanting the garden with fresh plant life, expanding the garden, repaving paths, installing rustic wooden benches and fences, and adding bronze plaques with Shakespeare quotes. With generous support from the Samuel & May Rudin Foundation and the visionary design of Bruce Kelly and David Varnell Landscape Architects, the garden was then returned to its original splendor.”

Provided by: http://www.centralparknyc.org/things-to-see-and-do/attractions/shakespeare-garden.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/

September 8, 2016

“Valentine’s Day”

— Wakes up — checks social media — Scrolls down — Bombarded by hearts & pic stitches — “Oh, It’s Valentine’s Day”…

“…But for The First Time”

My news feed is full of couples.
Everywhere I go I see people:
Holding hands
In love.
For the first time
I’m not sad
Or jealous.
The city is full of people selling:
Red Balloons
Teddy bears
For the first time
I’m not
Hating life
On this “made up” holiday
That I couldn’t wait to shout about
In the past.
Instead I didn’t do that
& for the first time
I had a great day
Filled with productivity
And living in the moment
Wishing all couples I saw on social media or in real life:
& Everlasting
Pure love.
Not once did I wish my life was different.
Later on in the day
In a bit of a rush
I stopped
As I saw a small delicate flower laying on top of the stairs in the new subway station
Partially broken
Yet there
I smiled as I picked it up
This flower
I truly feel
Is just for me
Sent from above
Rewarding me
Or thanking me
For practicing
One of the greatest gifts of all,
Self love.
This day was not like the rest & for the first Valentine’s Day in years, if not ever, it was the best.

Image for post
Strand Book Store: New York, New York

February 14, 2017

“Black Night”

Warm breeze

February night

Mellow day

Unclear thoughts

Pause on the stoop

For food and focus

Slight sheer of hopelessness

Rushed throughout

Suddenly something across the street caught the corner of my eye

But nobody’s there

Looked down at my phone

Caught it yet again

Then I saw what it was

Big black garbage bags all lined up & stacked on the side of the street

Some of the bags which have space above the knots are dancing when the wind blows

Calm at one point

Then flowing where and when the wind hits it

Not all of them, just the ones open and facing upright

Something so unappreciated, so abandoned, yet so carefree and beautiful

May we all be so lucky like the open garbage bags that effortlessly dance upon the touch of the wind.

April 21, 2017



Woke up

Fed my dog

Fed myself

Got dressed



Hopped on the bus

Entered New York City

To the Subway

Bus again

Hello Upper East Side

Only 15 minutes late

School of Practical Philosophy

Last day (for now)

Received a brand new, homemade, Meditation bench

A reward for my 30 day meditation pledge.

On the bus

Up to Harlem

Bench in tow

As we go

To help a friend


Put a bed frame together.

Now onto the 2

To 14th Street

Greenwhich Village


Computer and table set up

In a dungeon-esq basement

Computer rental

45 minute session

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

Always when I don’t exponentially need it.

Work done

For now.

Instagram time.

Need food.



Food market

Hot buffet

$15 it weighs

Mini feast

Healthy at least.

Back in line

Vegan cookies on sale

For the meeting

Spread the treats and the calories.

Now outside

Snowflakes coming down

Gently falling everywhere


All I see is beauty.

Walking to the meeting

With my bench & me

Made it.

Think coffee

Ordered an Egyptian Chamomile Tea

Decided to write some poetry.

Up the stairs

Meeting time

Oh no..

Left my bench

Friend went

Got it back!

After this

I’m heading to the A C or E


To Port Authority

Where my bus

Will take me to my car

That’s not too far

From my house, family and dog

Which will now be the new home

For my new meditation bench.

March 14, 2018

“Fast Pace”

Am I walking?

Am I meditating?

Am I sightseeing?


It’s 44 degrees


A perfect breeze

To cool down

The fast pace

That I walk


I stop.


Take pictures

Of the familiar places

And tall buildings

That still steal my glances


Back to walking fast

Even though there’s no hurry

No rush


The same is for life


But I’m always rushing.


Now sitting

Bryant Park






All creep by

To say hi

But no.

Have no time for even that.

Have to keep on walking

Even though there’s nowhere to go


Now I miss my mom

Our talks

On my walks

At all times of the day

Even when there was not much to say


Now crying

In the park


Have to get back

To walking fast

Even though

There’s nowhere to go


Each destination

Is one in the same

Still expectant

When nothing is sufficient


I’ll keep on walking

Maybe I’ll get to the somewhere

One day

Until then


Am I walking?

Am I meditating?

Am I sightseeing?


It’s 44 degrees


A perfect breeze

To cool down

The fast pace

That I walk.

February 7, 2019