Hi there! I’m Deana Delrose,

A few years ago, I’d barely be able to write this because I didn’t really know who I was. My identity was so warped around substances, cultural things, and delusions. Well, that escalated quickly. Let’s rewind a bit…

I am a Jersey girl, born, raised, and currently reside. My name is pronounced Dean (like James Dean) with an A at the end. I love to cook and eat  specifically plant-based food (shout out to my fellow vegans)! I enjoy laughing and making others laugh. I like to travel, journal, read, health + wellness, and practice authentic living and creating one day at a time.

I am a Junior at Montclair State University. I’m studying Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Television Production. I have been bartending on and off for 14 years and am currently a bartender at Yankee Stadium & MetLife Stadium, well until COVID is over at least.

I’m happily single.

My beautiful mother Rae, passed away from lung cancer in 2017. It devastated my family, especially my siblings and I. She was my number one cheerleader in life, especially when I started my business. I miss her every single day, but she lives on in my heart and within all that I do. Cancer freakin’ sucks, but what doesn’t, is my constant love for her, and nothing can take that away. 🖤

I founded OGCJ Clothing Company in 2014, with the hopes of helping people not judge themselves or others too harshly. It’s been quite the rollercoaster! Having a business is remarkably challenging, especially when you don’t have a business background. However, I continue to learn and grow as much, and as often, as I can. OGCJclothing.com

While I don’t want to reveal too much so that you can continue to learn about me throughout my Life Fashion Freedom journey, here are some fun random facts: I am 4+ years sober from marijuana and alcohol (Thank you, JESUS!). Speaking of, I was re-baptized and recommitted myself to Jesus on behalf of Hillsong Church in New York City in July of 2016 and my life has been radically changed ever since. I have social anxiety, depression, ADHD, and migraines that constantly try to stop me from living my best life, but I continue to push forward regardless (some days are easier than others). Lastly, I try my best to love myself and others the way God does.


What is life fashion freedom?

I created Life Fashion Freedom as a way to cope with my multi-faceted mind. I was recently diagnosed with adult ADHD. I struggled for years trying to juggle all the things that I am interested in. Yes, I love OGCJ, but there’s still so much that I want to explore, produce, share and do. It wasn’t until recently that I felt extremely burnt out trying to split my energy and time in a million different ways. Then, out of nowhere, it hit me to merge all the things that I enjoy together onto one platform. That’s when Life Fashion Freedom was born!


2 The good, the bad, and everything in between. Life is CRAZY y’all! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, you already know. The human experience is quite the rollercoaster ride. I believe it’s important to share life-related stuff because it’s a form of connection. We are not alone on this journey. We have one another. There is so much we can learn by talking and sharing. For starters, I intend to do this through Health + Wellness, Journal Writing, and YouTube Videos. I am hopeful that I will be able to further share in different ways as my journey progresses.


I created the Streetwear Brand, OGCJ — Only God Can Judge. OGCJ produces t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, and hats. Everything is sold on the OGCJ Website.

I look forward to learning more about different brands and types of fashion. I am still understanding how to fully express myself through fashion and look forward to sharing my journey since I think it will be fun to document and see how my fashion style further develops.


Today, I find my freedom in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I haven’t always felt this way. For a while, I felt enslaved by my thinking, by drugs and alcohol, by society. It wasn’t until I started a relationship with Jesus that I knew what freedom was. I would like to use this platform to share stories and testimonies about people have found freedom and what it means to them.

I hope that you find something that piques your interest and maybe even something helpful.

Ciao for now!


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