In Google we Antitrust

It is not that surprising to find out that Google has been practicing greedy and shady behaviors. This article shines a light on the recent proof of Google’s misconduct. Starting with its accidental reveal of their Project Bernanke, “In which Google used its knowledge of past ad bids to alter bids put forward by its clients, giving Google an advantaged position to win auctions for ad impressions over other market rivals.” That sounds about right. That’s not all either, there was also the reveal of Jedi Blue (by the way who comes up with these names?) which is “a secret collusion deal between Facebook and Google to give Facebook a preferential position in ad auctions, purportedly in exchange for Facebook’s agreement not to compete with Google in the online advertising space.”

So what? 

Google already has what seems to be a monopoly occupying the web search of the internet. At least here in America. This reminds me of totalitarian behavior and can affect things beyond what we could imagine. Like the article mentions how it has already affected the market. “Google’s actions in the market, particularly in the digital advertising space, have distorted the marketplace and crushed entire competitors and industries under their dominant weight. America’s news business, from the New York Post to The Washington Post, CNN to Fox News, has suffered the brunt of Big Tech companies, which, according to one study, make billions from circulating the content of news publishers while paying nothing for the privilege.” That is a lot of power, too much power. They are raking in millions and millions of dollars why other businesses are crushed. Something needs to change and fast, but I don’t know what that looks like. Hopefully, someone does and we can start the necessary and significant change.


COMPLETED: 4/12/21


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