Tweets from the Underground

Firstly, I want to mention that I am not writing about this in support of racist remarks. However, I wanted to talk about the resurfacing of racist tweets and my thoughts about them.

The latest person to be called out on old tweets is Alexi McCammond. McCammond is the new editor at Teen Vogue. In 2011 she posted a few racists remarks on Twitter about Asians. I will not go into the details about the tweets, but the link below has more information. Some people think that McCammond should step down from her new position. However, it does not seem like Teen Vogue, Condé Nast, or McAmmond has any plans of doing so. She apologized two years ago when the tweets first resurfaced. McCammond took responsibility then and apologized again when they recently came back to “haunt” her.

So what? 

We are living in the first time in history where people can have a thought, instantly grab their internet source, type words into a box, and send it out where millions of people could potentially see it. Yes, in the past people had written letters and emails, but I don’t think they are as extorted and available as tweets are. Also, I would argue that emails and letters take more time and thought process. Not only that but if the tweets are not deleted or censored, they get collected over the years.

We are still navigating this new socially technological world and clearly, this is one of the downsides. Yes, the rebirth of a tweet can shine a light on a person with a flawed character, but what about people who are young and growing?

Young people can be ignorant. That is not a bad thing per se. I would argue that young people are ignorant because they have the least amount of experience simply due to their age. Their brains are still developing and there is a process of going from accepting what your family believes in and creating your own beliefs and values. This is not an overnight perfect process.

I would also argue that many people grow out of those thoughts in a natural process. However, nowadays the ignorant tweets are stored and saved for years. They make their way back from the underground when people get new jobs. Often ones that are in the spotlight: politics, movie stars, and in this case, popular teen magazines.

People change, people grow, but old tweets stay the same. Yes, you should think twice or maybe three times before clicking the send button. Also, allow some grace to people who make mistakes. We are all flawed, nobody is perfect. I know that if I were young and had Twitter available at all times of the day, I would have said some dumb stuff! Probably even had some drug paraphernalia as many of us have had that stage in life.

This is not the first article I have seen in regards to racist or negative tweets being recovered, examined, and then exploited on the news. Remember when we click the articles, the online media pages make money! Racist or ignorant tweets grab clicks, especially if it’s someone in the spotlight.

Note for self: delete old tweets or Twitter in general! Or better yet, try to bite your tongue if you are processing racist negative thoughts about someone. Give it to God and keep it moving!


COMPLETED: 3/11/21


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