“Valentine’s Day”

— Wakes up — checks social media — Scrolls down — Bombarded by hearts & pic stitches — “Oh, It’s Valentine’s Day”…

“…But for The First Time”

My news feed is full of couples.
Everywhere I go I see people:
Holding hands
In love.
For the first time
I’m not sad
Or jealous.
The city is full of people selling:
Red Balloons
Teddy bears
For the first time
I’m not
Hating life
On this “made up” holiday
That I couldn’t wait to shout about
In the past.
Instead I didn’t do that
& for the first time
I had a great day
Filled with productivity
And living in the moment
Wishing all couples I saw on social media or in real life:
& Everlasting
Pure love.
Not once did I wish my life was different.
Later on in the day
In a bit of a rush
I stopped
As I saw a small delicate flower laying on top of the stairs in the new subway station
Partially broken
Yet there
I smiled as I picked it up
This flower
I truly feel
Is just for me
Sent from above
Rewarding me
Or thanking me
For practicing
One of the greatest gifts of all,
Self love.
This day was not like the rest & for the first Valentine’s Day in years, if not ever, it was the best.

Image for post
Strand Book Store: New York, New York

February 14, 2017

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