My Veneers Journey

I highly respect and admire transparency in others, so I try to be transparent as well. Why not, right? My experiences can only help others and this isn’t something I’m ashamed of, nor should I be. Before veneers, I was extremely insecure and embarrassed about my teeth.

As seen in the cover photo and video below, my front left tooth and the tooth next to it were several shades darker than my other teeth. I believe this was a result from having a cavity filled in my front tooth years ago. It bothered me so much that I subconsciously talked differently with my lip to try and cover my tooth. I technically started this journey 4-5 years ago when I started asking dentists and whitening professionals about how to whiten my teeth. Everyone said the same thing, there was nothing that would fix it besides veneers.

My first (& expensive) consultation was a nightmare. They wanted me to get 10 veneers on top and 10 veneers on the bottom. It would have cost over $50,000 😱.

When I went on my second (& free) consultation for veneers with Dr. Pollack at Beautiful Smiles*, they suggested that I only needed 4 veneers on top. I just knew this was going to work! I didn’t tell Dr. Pollack’s office about documenting my experience because I wanted it to be as real and authentic as possible.

I can honestly say that this entire veneer process changed my life. A year and a half later and I am just as happy as I was the day of the reveal! 😁

The video below includes: story time, whitening experience, thoughts the day before my temps, reveal of my temps, day I got my permanent veneers, my sister and dad’s reaction, and a 1 year update!

God Bless & thanks for reading/watching!

*Dr. Pollack and his wonderful Team at Beautiful Smiles in Millburn, NJ:

Do you have veneers? If so, how was your experience? Are you happy with them? If you want veneers, why? Or comment below with any questions or concerns you may have. I’d love to read and chat.

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