My Morning Routine

Through many trials and tribulations I’ve realized that for me to be spiritually fit and ready to take on the day, I have to have a morning routine. Days can be unpredictable and challenging. When I spend time in the morning to nurture and prepare myself I am setting myself up for success. I also need to spend time with God first and foremost.

My #1 morning rule is not to go on any social media until after my morning routine. When I go on social media before setting myself up for the day, it throws me completely off balance and interrupts my focus and vibe. I used to tell myself “let me just check one thing real quick.” It’s never one thing, and it’s never quick.

Here’s what a morning in my life looks like…

Wake up β€” on a good day without a migraine. I try to thank God once I rise, but some days I forget. But every day I wake up is a blessing!

Make my bed*

Feed Lily

^^ this is Lily. ❀️

Make a pot of coffee

Let Lily out

Before I pour a cup of coffee, I drink 1 full glass of water and usually have a little morning snack. Lately, I’ve been loving these homemade oatmeal and peanut butter bites.

Let Lily in

Pour a cup of coffee with oat milk πŸ™‚

Go downstairs to my office/ladies lounge

I grab my readings and journal and place them on the coffee table

It’s time to start my readings and journaling so I sit in my comfy pink chair with my fuzzy blanket and…

● Open my Bible app on my phone

● Read the passage of the day and if I have any Bible Plans I read them

● I put on the Armor of God β€”

● Pick up Jesus Always and read the message of the day

● I then write 2-4 pages in my Journal. I try to write whatever comes to my mind and to get everything out that’s possibly been circling around. That’s what I’ve learned from the Morning Pages from The Artist Way. However, sometimes I try so hard to control what I write so that it sounds “neat” (work in progress). I also tend to write about how my day was yesterday and the things I have planned for the day.

● Then I write a gratitude list down the left column of my journal

● After that, I read a few pages from another helpful little book. This is when I turn my will and my plans for the day over to God.

● Now it’s time for meditation anywhere from 5-15 minutes

● Last, but certainly not least, I pray.

● Before I pray to the Lord, I thank Him. I take a few breathes and just thank Him for this day that He has created.

● I am currently doing the Experiencing God Bible Study (it’s been amazing). If I have enough time I’ll do that after praying. If not, I’ll aim to do it at some point throughout the day.

On an average day, my morning routine could take anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. This isn’t something that happened overnight. It took time to realize what works and what doesn’t work for me. Today, I am grateful for having this morning routine because it sets me up for success spiritually and mentally.

Also, I don’t do this perfectly. Some days I rush through it so I can get to commitments. Other days I wake up feeling lousy, especially since I suffer from migraines. On those days I hazily get through it and that’s okay, I continue coming back to it no matter what. 

*I used to not make my bed. When I wanted to start making healthier changes in my life it started with a simple thing like making my bed. It felt good to do every day then shortly after it became a habit. I eventually added other feel-good healthy habits to my list and they continue to evolve and grow, just like me.

I’d love to hear what your morning routine looks like, so feel free to comment below!

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