Woke up

Fed my dog

Fed myself

Got dressed



Hopped on the bus

Entered New York City

To the Subway

Bus again

Hello Upper East Side

Only 15 minutes late

School of Practical Philosophy

Last day (for now)

Received a brand new, homemade, Meditation bench

A reward for my 30 day meditation pledge.

On the bus

Up to Harlem

Bench in tow

As we go

To help a friend


Put a bed frame together.

Now onto the 2

To 14th Street

Greenwhich Village


Computer and table set up

In a dungeon-esq basement

Computer rental

45 minute session

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

“Your time was extended 15 mins”

Always when I don’t exponentially need it.

Work done

For now.

Instagram time.

Need food.



Food market

Hot buffet

$15 it weighs

Mini feast

Healthy at least.

Back in line

Vegan cookies on sale

For the meeting

Spread the treats and the calories.

Now outside

Snowflakes coming down

Gently falling everywhere


All I see is beauty.

Walking to the meeting

With my bench & me

Made it.

Think coffee

Ordered an Egyptian Chamomile Tea

Decided to write some poetry.

Up the stairs

Meeting time

Oh no..

Left my bench

Friend went

Got it back!

After this

I’m heading to the A C or E


To Port Authority

Where my bus

Will take me to my car

That’s not too far

From my house, family and dog

Which will now be the new home

For my new meditation bench.

March 14, 2018

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